Saturday, February 2, 2013

Picture Dump

It has been a while since I have done a picture dump off of my phone.  I often take some cute, yet random pictures with my iphone because it is handy and mostly in my pocket. 

I love my job for lots of reasons, but two hour delays for the school system means that I am arriving at preschool with all three in tow because our preschool goes regular time when the school is delayed.  My boys love going to preschool and though it is hectic with extra kiddos around, it is precious time.  When Kyle attended preschool where I now teach, he LOVED building with the wooden blocks.  After circle time one day I was so touched to find this... Kyle had helped David and Brady build an enormous tower.  For just a second,  I could reminisce about Kyle at three building a big tower in that very room. 
For letter F we studied the farm and here are Grady and Hope helping their piggies they painted roll in the mud.  Hope is blessed with some precious preschool friends. 
January has been a bizarre weather month with tons and tons and tons of rain and a few snow showers mixed in.  The other day the kiddos were out of school due to flooding and we checked out the girls softball field at the little league fields.  We found it under water with ducks swimming on it.  Amazing....
Here is David with one of his new clinic buddies yesterday.  Clinic was hopping yesterday with lots of new and old friends.  I hate being there but we do love seeing the staff and other families there. 
I love this picture of David and Pops chowing down at Cici's Pizza in Charlottesville.  This was David's restaurant of choice and he enjoyed those cinnamon rolls while we waited for lab results. 
Today before the snow started Hope and I headed out to our friends' house to help their daughter celebrate her fourth birthday Doc McStuffins style.  It was such a cute party and we saw several of our preschool friends.  Hope may be shy, but she does love her friends and she loves a good party:)

Hope is one little obsessed gymnas these days.  She has had two weeks of tumble tykes class at gymnastics and she LOVES it.  She puts her leotard on hours before classtime and each day asks how many more days until she gets to go again.  We are thankful that it is helping her build her confidence and that for now she has found something that she loves. 

Except for the birthday party, we have been in this weekend.  Right now we are watching another snow storm hit our area.  It is beautiful outside right now and we are loving this lazy, laid-back weekend.

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