Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snowy Sunday

This Sunday has been absolutely perfect.  The snow has halted all activities today and we have had a family day at home.  We were predicted to have 2-4 inches, but the snow has finally topped out around eight inches.   Schools are already cancelled for tomorrow due to the snow covered roads so my kiddos bundled up and....

went outside to sled!  Just a few weeks ago this little girl did not even like to walk in the snow, but today she hopped on the sled with Kyle and took off! 
Sweet brothers sharing the sled.
These two were planning a snow ball attack on Kyle:)

This picture makes me belly laugh because girlfriend was going fast!  She wanted Kyle to give her a "big push" and off she went down the hill!
Fearless Kyle
After Hope and David got cold and wanted to come in, Kyle stayed outside and built himself a sledding track with a huge bump.  This is a pretty picture of the golf course on this snowy Sunday.  Sometimes I feel that God uses all this beautiful snow to remind us to slow down and enjoy time together at home. 

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