Thursday, February 28, 2013


Tonight I had planned to post some cute pictures of the kids swimming and Hope's field trip today.  Tonight;  however, I do not have the heart to post cute pictures as we are concerned about David's academic progress and some challenges that he is facing.   

Today, we learned of David's latest academic testing results.  Lets just say that David's slow processing skills, distractability, and stubborness are becoming more evident as he gets older.  The information at school is getting harder and faster-paced which is challenging for him. 

  Tonight I was sad and felt defeated that he was struggling with a few things in life.  So, I went to church tonight by myself to work on lesson plans for preschool for the upcoming weeks.  When I was alone I cried out to God wondering why everything in David's life is hard for him.  School work is hard, battling cancer is hard, speech is difficult for him, he is not coordinated or athletic, he is now lacking a kidney, he has to wear bifocals, and recently his ear tubes just came out that helped him hear better.  In the world's eyes David has a rough go of it and tonight everything that is stacked against our baby got to this Momma.   I cried tears of defeat, frustration, and agony over things that this Momma can't fix.

I came home and snuggled in bed with Hope and David and "watched" a movie on Netflix with them.  While they watched The Little Engine That Could I prayed and prayed and prayed.  Once again I felt God's peace about David because God helped me remember that what the world sees as "lacking" in David He can use for His glory. 

So what if he cannot add double digit numbers yet without a calculator.....He reminded many of us how much God loves us all.

So what if he cannot remember what he just read.......he endured months of agony without one ounce of self pity and showed us all what being a true warrior really means.

So what if he is not organized and often gets distracted....he remembers to bless our food every night even when I forget.  If you are sick he will be the first to pray over you even if it is just a case of the sniffles.  He may not have the most book learning around, but he is a smart guy who knows who The Great Physician is. 

We are also thankful that God has always blessed David with amazing professionals that have given David what he has needed at the time.  Right now he is blessed with a wonderful team of teachers at his sweet school that are great for him.  Last year he had two amazing ladies that drove three hours to visit him in the hospital.  We are blessed with Ashley in his life, , his doctors, his speech therapist Nicole, his occupational therapist, physical therapists. etc....God has blessed David with some top-notch people in his life to help him meet his potential.

Tonight I am thankful and overwhelmed that God has given us this amazing kid who may never blow the top off of a standardized test, but who has already  mastered the concept that God loves him and us very much. 


  1. I needed to read this. Thank you (and David) for reminding me what's important.

  2. I needed this so much! Thank you for sharing!