Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dear David Crowder

Hello, My name is David Robinson.  I am really excited because I have tickets to meet you tomorrow night in Bristol.  I can't wait to meet you. A special friend bought the tickets for me and my Mom and she is as excited as I am. 

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am eight years old and God made me extra super special.  I have Down Syndrome which means that I have designer chromosomes and I am super cool.  I love music, especially yours and I have taught a lot of people about Jesus because of your music.

In November of 2011 I had a belly ache that would not go away.  My Mom took me to the ER where they found a big tumor in my kidney.  I rode an ambulance to UVA children's hospital where I had my kidney removed as well as my adrenal gland.   The doctor said I had a stage four Wilm's tumor which made my Mom and Dad cry really hard.

After that surgery in November 2011, I had nine months of intense chemo and radiation.  I  was very sick and spent lots of weeks in UVA hospital. 

To keep me occupied and happy I used a laptop or Ipad to listen to your music.  I made many hospital staff members sing along with me to my favorite song "How He Loves Us."  Lots of people know about you at UVA because I sang so many of your songs while I was in the hospital.
 Even after chemo took all of my hair and made me very very sick, I still kept singing and praising God.  My Mom said that I am a very brave warrior and that God is using me to teach people how much God loves us all. 
Click on the link below to hear me singing your song in the hospital the night after I was medflighted back to the hospital when my port-a-cath got infected and I was REALLY sick. 
 My mom says I sing like an angel when I sing along with you:)
I have watched almost all of your videos on youtube and I also love the song O Praise Him!
This was the day that I was very sick and all these doctors and people were working hard to keep me healthy.  As you can see I was not bothered with them and I kept on singing along with you. 
I finished my chemo back in July and now thanks to God I am strong and healthy.  My latest scan said the cancer is staying far away which makes us all very happy.  I cannot wait to meet you in person! 
p.s. My Mom might get a little teary when we finally meet because we have been singing your songs almost a year.  She cries when they sing your songs during church.  She might embarrass me, but just know I am cool. 

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