Thursday, March 28, 2013

Picture Dump

We have only been in school two shortened days this week due to the snow, but it has still been a busy week.  I took a few minutes to dump some pictures off of my phone and I found a few gems.

Mommy and Hope being silly!  Hope is pretty shy, but at home she is loud and giggly. 
This picture pretty much sums up our kiddos.  Hope and Kyle are cheesing but David is being David. 
Hope is really into reading right now and here she has "encouraged" her brothers to stop what they are doing and listen to one of her little books that she can read.  She is also obsessed with Mary from the bible and she pretends to be Mary carrying baby Jesus around.  She also makes me look up the song Mary did you Know on Youtube and she belts it out while carrying around her "jesus"
This enormous blessing came in the mail today!  Last June David was medflighted back to UVA one night when he was unresponsive and his fever was rising.  We have been battling this $34,000 bill for that helicopter ride for months and finally out of the blue today we received this awesome letter!! If you can't read it, it says that the bill has been paid and that his account is now closed!!  Woot woot!!!

Today Hope had  a follow-up visit with the pediatric cardiologist here at our local hospital.  She went to see him when she was a newborn and then we saw him when she was a year old.  Today was our two year checkup to see if the small hole between her lower chambers of her heart is still there.  She had to have an EKG and an echocardiogram which she did not love.  She did great; however, and the doctor told us that she still has a VSD (hole) between her lower chambers that he can hear but it is too small to pick up on the echocardiogram.  There is a 95% chance that it will close on its own when we return in two years. 
In the last two days Hope has had two preschool Easter parties.  She has loved every minute of them and has a ton of candy to prove it!  Here she is with Brady and Sydney chowing down on party food.

With both classes we made resurrection rolls and they were a big hit with the children.  They were amazed that they rolled up the marshmellow in the crescent roll but just like Jesus the marshmellow is no longer when it comes out of the oven!  Such a  cool hands on lesson for the little ones.  I will make these this weekend with my own children!
Of course both classes had an egg hunt inside because it is so cold and windy but they didn't care-they had a ball!  We are now officially on spring break and our first day of break tomorrow will be spent heading to Charlottesville for our clinic appointment.  We pray that his creatinine will be where it should be and that the visit goes smoothly.  We are all five going since we are off together! 
Before our clinic visit we have a meeting with the children's miracle network team to film a video.  This is our official first event as a miracle family and we are honored to be asked to help make this video to promote UVA children's hospital.  Happy Spring Break!

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