Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Festivities

We could really care less that the weather is very un-Easter like this past weekend.  We just moved everything inside!  We are under a winter weather advisory for tonight as we are suppose to get 2-6 inches on snow tonight??? 

Saturday morning we headed to Radford to visit with GG and Pops.  We met them in Dublin for breakfast with the Easter bunny.  It was yummy and it took quite a bit of encouragement to get our kids near that bunny. 
Sweet Kyle even tried to show Hope and David that the bunny was nice by posing for a picture for them.  He is usually such a good sport to do anything to help his siblings. 
It finally worked and David posed with the bunny!  Hope NEVER did but that is okay-our girl is just a little shy. 
It has been so cold/wet/snowy that outside Easter pictures were not an option so we set up pictures inside in my grandmother's wing in my parents house. 
This is the 2013 Easter picture inside:)
Today we got to enjoy fellowship with our local Down Syndrome group's annual Easter egg hunt.  Last year we were unable to attend because David was sick in Charlottesville, so we made up for it this year.  Hope loved it and she insisted to wear her running shoes with her Minnie Mouse dress so she cold run faster to get the eggs.  She is a competitive Robinson after all!! 
Kyle is too old to hunt for eggs, so he was the hider of the eggs and the helper.  A school library is a pretty good location for an egg hunt since we had to be inside. 
Here are some of the cuties from our group.  We love spending time with this amazing bunch of folks.  We are so blessed to have this community around us. 
Here is sweet Emily and guess who gets to be her preschool teacher next year....... ME!!!!!  She has enrolled in our three year old class next year.
Angie is always the hit of any party and Kyle adores her.  She is hilarious and we all enjoy her company.  Angie wants me to take her to Pennsylvannia to meet Abbie Lee Miller from the show Dance Moms.  I also got invited to her sleepover for her birthday-no boys allowed!

Hope sat at the girls table with Marley, Caroline, Susan, and Angie. 

David and I ended the night with the Easter cantata at church which was simply magnificent.  Being surrounded by friends today at both church and the egg hunt, coupled by the reminders of what this awesome Holy Week is all about our hearts are full of love and peace tonight. Happy Holy Week! 

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  1. Lovely picture! Kyle seems like a perfect big brother to sweet David and Princess Hope. You are so blessed!