Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Needing more Jesus


My new favorite song right now is Lord I Need You by Matt Maher.  (Click on the above link to enjoy this amazing song)! This most holy week I have been reminded how much I need Jesus in my daily life.  He is everything to me and because of this crazy weather we have been homebound which has given me time to read my bible and catch up on the History Channel's production of The Bible which we have DVRed. 

This world can be stressful, crazy, overwhelming, and full of hopelessness.  I need my Jesus to:

Calm my fears about David's future.  We head to UVA this Friday for a clinic appointment and his Creatinine has been on my mind.  We need the peace that comes from Jesus to face what is in store for David down the road. 

To help me be the wife and mother that He wants me to be.  I need Jesus to help me be patient, kind, and loving.  How can I point my children to Jesus if I am impatient and frustrated??  I need Jesus to help me be the loving and patient wife that He wants me to be.  My husband carries a heavy burden daily between his stressful job, David's health concerns, and this family.  Mike carries the burden well with integrity and class and I do not always give him the props for that.

To remind me that he has put 36ish children in my path everyday that I can shower with love as I teach them not only their alphabet and numbers but about the true King of Kings.  May I never forget what an honor it is  to start my day each day praying with a classroom full of preschoolers. 

Help me not be judgmental.  The Mommy wars are alive and well in our neck of the woods and it is  SO easy to start judging how others are raising their children.  I can easily fall into the trap of thinking my way is the right way and acting judgmental towards others.  May I extended grace and love to others instead of a sharp and judgmental tongue. 

This family needs Jesus to remind us that love and time reign over "stuff" and that we are here to serve Him and others.  We tend to get self-absorbed in whatever season we are in and I pray that my children will see that no matter what Jesus comes first.

Enjoy this awesome Matt Maher song that has reminded this judgmental and impatient wife/mother that to be the person that I need to be, I desperately need more Jesus.

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