Thursday, March 14, 2013

Limping Through

Between the time change, Momma's new 5K training program, the cold and dreary weather, and the germs in the house we are limping through this week.  Mike has been extremely sick with a nasty respiratory viral thing.  He did go to the doctor but he has not slowed down at all.  He has been pretty miserable. 

Kyle's asthma is not exactly under control this week.  We hope to see his doctor later today but he has no energy and is miserable.  He has not missed school yet this week but he can barely walk up the stairs without having a coughing attack. 

I am enjoying this Run for God even if I have hit the advil bottle more this week than ever!  Ha!  I am loving the social time running with friends and I feel confident saying that I would not have made it through the workouts without my friends.  For now we are training on the treadmill at the gym because it has been cold and dreary here and I am a little too prissy to run out in this mess. 

Come on spring this family is ready for warmer temperatures and hopefully a germ-free house!

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