Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Day in Charlottesville

We had a wonderful family day in Charlottesville! We left home before 8 to meet at the UVA Development office to meet the team from the Children's Miracle Network.  I dressed all five of us in the blue family so we would not clash!  We had no idea what to expect, but the team was so kind and patient with us.  We have never done an interview like that so we were super nervous. 

Our little ham, David, loved being the center of attention.  Kyle was his polite yet reserved self and Hope took her usual thirty minutes to warm up.  They interviewed the kids together which as a parent was precious to watch. 
Here they are being interviewed.  It always makes us nervous when David has a microphone in his hand:) We hope our footage turned out well. Mike and I looked very loving with our arms around each other while we were interviewed, but it was really so we could poke each other to answer the questions!! HA!  This was our first experience with anything like that, but we feel honored to be a Miracle Family.  The team was so gracious and provided us lunch in between our interview sessions. 
After we finished with our interview, we headed to clinic.  David was silly and in rare form:)  We hate the reason that we have to go, but it is always fun to see the clinic staff and friends.  David has put on three pounds since our last visit a month ago!  Woot woot- our boy now tops the 63 pound mark!  Our clinic visit went smoothly once the labs were drawn.  His Creatinine was steady at .8 which is okay.  All his other labs were steady and his blood pressure was good.  We love clinic visits where we leave with good news:)
Our pictures are out of order, but here is David with Mr. Ryan, who is the UVA Children's Miracle Network Coordinator. 

Each of my children got a goody bag after their interview and Hope got Cleo from Clifford and David got a cool owl.  They love these new friends and they rode home with us all buckled in safe and snug. 
David dressed like his favorite doctor, Dr. Belyea, today in his shirt and tie.  As usual, David had to give Dr. Belyea a quick checkup with his own stethoscope.  We are so thankful for the amazing staff at clinic. Dr. Belyea is always so patient with our long list of questions and he is so great with our David.  We feel so blessed that he is David's doctor. 
Tonight we stopped over in Radford for a sleepover with GG and Pops.  Kyle has a travel ball tournament locally here tomorrow so it made sense to stay here close by.  Mike and I even managed to sneak out for a dinner date tonight and a quick trip to buy easter basket goodies.  When you have been married for 13 years and have three kiddos, a dinner date and a quick trip to Walmart is a hot Friday night date!! :) 

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  1. Ha! We often end up at Home Depot or Target on our dates. :) So glad David's appointment went well!