Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Momma's Showing her Age

I am still glowing from our awesome weekend with David Crowder.  It was a wonderful night that neither of us will ever forget.  Saturday night I was also blessed with a night of praise with Josh Wilson, Colton Dixon, and Third Day!  Saturday night three friends from church and I went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner and then we went to the show.  Two late nights from awesome concerts wore this Momma out but it was so uplifting to sing praises to our God with friends. 

I have been a Third Day fan for many years.  They have been together as a band for twenty years and I love their old school songs.  I remember listening to their CD on our way to childbirth classes for Kyle twelve years ago.  It was a loud concert but it was wonderful. 

Sunday we spent the entire day in a gym watching Kyle and the Hornets play in their last AAU tournmanet of the season.  My basketball player Kyle is devastated that the season is over for now-that boy loves his hoops. 

Monday we were all dragging due to day light savings time-how does 60 little minutes do so much damage??  Monday was also our first training day for our Run for God.  I met two friends at the gym yesterday after preschool to do our workout for this bible study.  I will admit that it kicked our tails and today I went out to buy new shoes for running.  Wow-a workout that looked so easy on paper had three Mommas huffing and puffing!  I am excited to grow in my faith and to strengthen my body through this 12 week course but I pray I do not end up in traction:)

Tonight Mike and I have counted the minutes until bedtime.  I have another workout tomorrow with friends and he is very sick with a viral bug.  Our household will be very quiet very soon:) 

As wonderful as all the concerts and basketball have been the hectic pace is catching up to me tonight.  I am so thankful for all the fun memories we have made over the past few days.  I will always be thankful to be sleepy from fun and new memories.  Cancer has taught us that memories and fun rank higher than anything.  If you see me on the streets this week just know I know I look tired and old. I am stiff and sore from my workouts and I am pale and tired from two late nights. Also know that on the inside I am thankful and blessed for the memories we made this past weekend.  Good night!

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