Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our Magical Night With David Crowder

I am one tired Momma and as I write this sleeping beauty David is still in dreamland dreaming about our magical night with David Crowder. 

David's choice of dinner before the show was Wendy's:)  It was his night so despite all my other suggestions, we ate at Wendys. 
We arrived at 6 for the meet and greet.  Unfortunately that had been moved until after the show so we were there way early for the 7:30 show.  The blessing of getting there early and David's desire to run helped us score FRONT ROW seats!!  We could not believe it. While we waited for the show we bought a tshirt, ate some M&M's, met new friends, and anxiously awaited the show. 
Amazingly some amazing youth from Royal Oak Prebyterian were sitting right behind us and thanks to Kate, Olivia, and Lyndsey for being so sweet to David. 
After the opening act (who was really good but David was put out that he had to wait longer for David Crowder) he finally came on stage!  This is how close we really were-no need for a zoom lens when you are this close. 
David actually took this picture!  The concert was unbelievable!  We danced, sang, clapped, and I was genuinely sad when it was over.  It was a cozy and intimate setting and David Crowder is really hilarious with his random stories. 
After the show, we finally got to do the meet and greet.  David was ecstatic and we waited patiently and he finally got to meet him!!!!

Two matching David's!!!  He was so sweet and kind with David and as promised David  invited him over to our house to play xbox:)  It was such a special end to a wonderful evening! 
David did dress to impress in his shirt and tie and David Crowder was impressed with his sense of style and fashion:)


During the opening few songs, David wore me out asking for How He Loves and finally about five songs in we heard the familiar opening chords to the song and David jumped up and started dancing and praising.  I could not watch the show for watching my boy enjoy his all-time favorite song! 

Thank you to the Moorers for making this special night happen for us.  I will never forget this special night praising our God with my boy who reminded us all how much we are loved by God.

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