Monday, March 18, 2013

Princess Party

We had such a wonderful weekend this past weekend.  Hope was invited to a cute princess party and she got all dolled up in her Cinderella outfit! 

I felt like we were getting ready for the prom-she took a bubble bath, we did her hair, put on a little makeup, and got her tiara firmly in place.  We ran out of time to do nails, but as we were putting her dress on she said "Mommy it is hard work being a princess."  Amen sister:)
I am in awe of how fast time is whizzing by with this little lady. I cannot believe she will be four this summer.  She is obsessed with books and wants to read, spell, and write all the time. 
Amazingly there were three cinderellas at the party!  It was a sweet  party and Hope had a good time.  The boys stayed home while we did the princess thing. 
Sunday Mike had to head out of town for the night.  Those are never fun, but after he left the kids and I vegged on the couch and caught up on the bible on DVR.  Wow-we are enjoying this mini-series so much and we are all learning so much.  We have not had a lazy day at home in so long and it was so needed.  Except for church and an evneing trip to McDonalds for dinner we were home snuggled under blankets.  The good news is that Mike is already home from his meeting he had to attend out of town.
The pace of life is picking up now that Kyle is playing both Little League and a travel baseball team.  He is devastated that basketball is on a break now but baseball practice is keeping us hopping.  Between my workout clothes, Kyle's baseball clothes, and daily laundry for five people, our washer/dryer is going nonstop. 
We are super excited to head to Charlottesville on March 29th for David's clinic appointment. Our family is going to be interviewed for a video that will appear on the UVA children's miracle network website.  They want to make David one of the "faces" of UVA children's hospital.  I asked a bunch of questions such as wardrobe because our dear David could be decked out in a shirt and tie or he could want to wear his Lebron James look:)  Ryan, our contact at UVA for this, said to let David be David.  All five of us will be on this video since we will all be there for the appointment that day.  I am super nervous but we are thrilled to be able to give back to such a wonderful place.  We are honored to be called a Miracle Family. 
We know the true miracle comes from God who used the amazing staff and facility at UVA to help us get through the worst year of our life when David was in active treatment for cancer.  The true miracles  are that David survived the ordeal, we are closer to God than ever before, and we know how precious life is because we live with the fact that cancer can rear its ugly head anytime.   

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