Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Weekend at Claytor Lake

We had a fun weekend at Claytor Lake with family.  All of my children love going to the lake but it is truly David's favorite place. 

Because of all the rain we have had here in Virginia, the lake was filthy with debris and mud.  You could not really even swim in it it was so dirty:(  My parents set up their waterslide for the kids since they could not swim.  Hope was having fun!
David loves driving the boat with Pops more than anything.  There was so much debris that it was hard to even take the boat out without hitting big logs.  Here is David helping Pops co-pilot by searching the horizon for logs. 
Dennis and Amy were camping nearby and they came down to visit.  Kyle hopped in their boat with them and they found a clean spot to tube.  Here are Kyle and Spencer.
This little daredevil LOVED tubing!  We kept taking his hands off of the handles to give us the sign to go faster!  It was hilarious! 
While we were taking David out tubing we saw the Carter boys and Kyle tubing. 
Look at the mop of beautiful red hair!  I also love his mischevious grin:)
After our Mexican feast for dinner, we had cookie cake to celebrate David's birthday!  I will never tire of celebrating this handsome guy's birthday and we pray that one day his cake will have lots and lots of candles on it. 

This morning the boys decided to tube together.  David was so excited that he had to show some brother love.  David was a daredevil on that tube and pops and I laughed so hard watching him!

He kept yelling "oh yeah baby!" 
Kyle started showing off so David had to as well!  I love this picture-it is so awesome! 
This is the picture of the day that makes me belly laugh.  We went pretty slow for David but he got annoyed that we were ignoring his signal to speed up.  Finally we did and this was his face!!  I promise that he was yelling with joy and that he was not scared! 
After David got off fearless Kyle had to hit a few waves!

The weekend was mostly relaxing and nice.  The kids love being with their grandparents at the lake.  Families are not perfect but I am so thankful for the memories my children are creating each time we visit Claytor Lake.

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  1. My, how wonderful to see David so active , and having so much fun.. "Beg' (Bette)