Monday, July 15, 2013

More Charleston

Last night we hit the ballpark for the Charleston Riverdogs baseball game.  I joked on facebook that I could not get away from baseball even on vacation!  It was fun!  The Riverdogs are an minor league affiliate of the Yankees so being Red Sox fans we rooted for the Augusta Greenjackets. 

Look at Hope our little ball player!! Ha! 
Hope and David loved the music, the games, and the fun!  We hit it on kids night so the kids got free hot dogs, chips and drinks to eat while they watched the game.  Here is Hope waving her arms like a mad woman for a free tshirt. I did not have the heart to tell her that we were way too far away to get a shirt, but she was cute trying!
In the ninth inning the game was tied. Kyle made Mike put on his rally cap to cheer for Augusta.  They are affiliated with the Giants.  In the tenth inning the Riverdogs broke the tie with a homerun which made for a fun game. 
 Another cute picture of our ball player!
Yesterday morning we went to Battery Park right on the river.  It is beautiful!!!
I love this picture of my boys!  Dave is sitting on a branch from a live oak tree in the park. 
My hearts. 
Hope and Kyle walking towards the river.  Vacation time is simply the best.  
This might be my favorite picture of our trip!  In the July edition of Southern Living this restaurant was featured as a must eat in Charleston. Sunday afternoon we happened to drive right by which jogged my memory from the article in Southern Living.  Our kids have never had soul food and it was heavenly.  This is Martha Lou who at 86 years old has been serving delicious chicken and sides for thirty years from this same place.  I loved talking to her while my food was cooking and she is such a celebrity now due to her good food and recognition in Southern Living that I had to get a picture of her and Kyle. 
 This little lady loved the city market and purchased herself two new hairbows.  She has waited patiently to get back to the market to add to her hairbow collection. 

This picture is truly unbelievable.  This is David with Jack Grider.  His parents Andy and Deanna were friends of ours way back when we were dating and newlyweds.  We spent many evenings grilling, talking shop (they too are educators) and enjoying some laughs.  When I talked about our upcoming vacation to Charleston on facebook she messaged me that they too would be here!  I have been texting with her trying to meet up and amazingly we ran into them this morning in the market!! The last time we were all together we had no children and now between us we have five!  Time certainly flies!  

After our spontaneous chat session with the Grider family we went into a local candy shop.  Do you see the joy in Kyle's face??  No, we did not let them buy these enormous boxes of candy but we all let with a little sweet something:)

After our  morning we hit the beach this afternoon.  We stopped at the store and bought some sand toys on our way to the beach.  Mike and David had fun playing paddle ball. 

Happy Beach girl!  She got very brave today and really went out far with me. 

We are so thankful for this family time together.  On a beautiful afternoon on the beach it is hard to believe that this time last year we were preparing for David's last chemo treatment.  While watching my kids play and swim today I was really overcome with thanksgiving to God for this precious time together. 

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