Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Vacation Fun!

Despite some sprinkles and rain we are loving Charleston.  Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and we hit Isle of Palms beach. 

These three loved the ocean and beach! 
Fearless little surfer girl!! She loved the ocean except for the taste of it!!
David was scary because he was fearless and the surf was rough because a storm was blowing in.  He loved it so much.  Holding his hand and watching him enjoy every wave brought me to tears.  He was so happy!!
This little fish of course swam and swam for hours. 
Mike took the little ones on a shell hunt.  They collected quite an assortment shells:)

Pure joy on their sweet little faces:) 
We have also enjoyed the SC Aquarium here in Charleston.  It is such an awesome place and it was a perfect destination on a rainy morning. 
This beautiful little owl greeted us as we walked in. 
In the Madagascar exhibit David loved the jeep! 
All three of our "eagles" in the eagle nest. 
One of our favorite exhibits was the otter exhibit.  We could have stayed there for hours watching the otters dip and swim right before us.  They were really putting on a show!
The aquarium is so great about walking around with different animals for you to see up close.  Kyle finally got brave enough to touch a baby alligator.  Look at that face!!
Hope in front of some snakes.  She said "take my picture mom-these look like the one we saw at our house?!
Mike ever the educator who wants to challenge our kids, gave Kyle a high five for finding something on the globe. 
Hope loved the big tank with the sharks, dolphins, and our favorite.....
Corinna the Sea Turtle!  She was so beautiful and magnificent.  She was my favorite:)
Here are Kyle and Mike holding a sea urchin in the touch tank.  You could feel it move in your hand-yuck but very cool!
There was a boat very similar to the one in one of David's favorite TV shows, Deadliest Catch and he pretended to be Captain Phil from the show. 
My boys with Alabaster the Albino alligator! 
After the aquarium, we hopped on the boat to take us to Ft. Sumter.  Here are the kids and Mike in front of the fort.  I am not the history buff in the family but Mike and Kyle enjoyed it.  I texted with a friend during our hour on the fort:)
Our handsome Kyle on the boat coming back from Ft. Sumter:)
More vacation fun awaits-there is so much to see and do here.  We love Charleston!!!

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