Friday, July 26, 2013


We are home after a long but great day at UVA.  Kyle traveled with me and David today to keep us entertained.

The first thing we noticed is that the new front entrance is now open!!!  Wow-it looks so beautiful.  This major construction project has been going on since David was first diagnosed and it is amazing to see it complete.
Our boys in the new walkway from the parking garaage to the hospital.  David was not smiling because he was dreading the blood draw he knew was coming :(
The new lobby in the hospital. 
One of the first people David asks for when we get to clinic is always Ms. Meghan.  Here she is being silly with a mask.  She talked to David about his upcoming school year and of course he got to visit the toy box:)
Here is David giving Dr. Belyea a checkup.  Dr. Belyea is another one of David's favorite people at clinic.  Dr. B said that David looks great and his labs showed that his Creatinine is holding steady at .8.  We are thrilled with that news over the hot and humid summer.  Overall David got a clean bill of health and his scan will be scheduled for August.  I quizzed Dr. B about signs of relapse and basically the only way we will know if the cancer has come back will be through the CT scan.  We will continue to walk in faith taking each day as it comes.  He does feel that David has bounced back nicely from the treatment in terms of his growth curve.  As typical with cancer kids, his growth curve looks like a letter U. 
Happy boys finishing clinic and heading to Cici's Pizza for David's favorite lunch choice.  He really did great with the lab draw today!!  We were so proud of him. 

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  1. So glad his labs came back stable! Keep hanging in there David and kidney! :)