Sunday, July 28, 2013

Phone Picture Dump

I love every week or two downloading the pictures off of my phone.  It is always a fun reminder about what we have been up to. 

Yesterday we went with Misty and Sydney to a FUN birthday party for sweet Brooklyn.  It was amazing and the rain blessedly stopped so the kids could have fun.  We love sweet Brooklyn and her family! Here are Hope and Sydney swinging. 
Here are David and Ashley going down the big water slide.  The water was pretty chilly but David did brave the slide a few times. 
This picture cracks me up of Ashley belly laughing.  One of the many reasons we love her is that she is so funny and just laughs a lot.  She is really a lot of fun to be around. 

The highlight of the party for David was the train.  He loved riding that thing and sweet and funny Sydney was often his riding buddy.  Don't you love Sydney's balloon hat? 
I found these sweet pictures of my kids dancing last week at Hungry Mother Festival.  There was some Irish music playing while we were eating our really "healthy" festival food and these two decided to dance. 
While David was sitting and taking a break to rest I got this cute picture of Kyle and Hope. 
One cool and cloudy day this past week we decided it was a perfect day to go paddle boating.  Our little boat held me, Amber, and the three kids.  We all took turn pedaling and David was kept us going in the right direction.  We had so much fun and we laughed so loudly that I am sure we annoyed the fish. 
Hope liked to put her feet in the water.  I know I say this so often on here, but Hungry Mother State Park is a local gem and we are so blessed to have it here. 
Thursday we met some friends at the wave pool.  David LOVED that place and really got brave diving through the waves, and going out far with Kyle and Spencer.  We had a great day at the wave pool!
Kyle and Spencer!  They were so patient and sweet with David helping him in the waves and including them. 

This upcoming week is super busy with BIBLE SCHOOL!  We did not participte in bible school last year due to David's chemo, so we are excited for it to start tonight.  I am running the theatre in the movie room.  It is cool in there with the A/C but I am stressed about working the projector:)  This is Kyle's last year as a bible school student-next year he will be in youth and will be a helper???   Happy Sunday!

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