Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dave's Day!

Yesterday was David's ninth birthday.  Mike had to work but after work we loaded up to head to one of David's favorite places-Chuck E Cheese!!!

Before we loaded up we had to capture a few pictures!  These two are Mike and Ike-wow they look so much alike in this picture!!
It is really hard to get a good picture of David these days without him making a silly face-of course he wanted to wear his Lebron getup for his special day. 
This picture is hilarious because of tht MOP of hair!! It is hard to cut it when this time last year he was bald.  We are also very happy because he is an official red head again! This morning he actually let me trim on it some and it feels like silk.  I hate that he had to endure all that chemo, but now he has gorgeous hair as a result:)
My sweet three!
Oh the joy on these faces when we pulled into Chuck E Cheese!  They were so excited and all three had a ball. 
Let me clarify.... all four had a ball!  We take our sports seriously in this house!  Check out all three of my boys working hard to win some tickets!!
Thumbs up for the birthday boy!!!
Super competitive at anything we try! I really think Mike had as much fun as the kids-he definitely needs a stress relief these days trying to open a brand new school:)
This sweet girl was so excited!  This was her first trip that she could remember and she loved it.  She may be our most competitive child yet:)
Hope was petrified wen Chuck E came out but David ran right up to him and cheesed for a picture! 

After we played hard and earned two packs of nerds, a Twizzler and a bracelet for Hope we headed to David's request of Pizza inn for pizza.  We ate like a pig (four pieces of Chocolate chip pizza)!  It was really a fun family day celebrating our Rockstar turning NINE!  On the way home we jammed out to music on the Ipad.  I was overcome with joy listening to my kids belt out The Well by Casting Crowns.  Sweet, sweet memories for all of us!

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