Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation Hangover

We are home and unpacked from our trip to Charleston.  Traveling with three children is always an adventure but we had such a great time making memories. 

The last night of our trip we enjoyed dinner out on this deck overlooking the ocean.  The seafood was great (eventhough Kyle stressed about eating there since he is allergic to shellfish) and we walked the pier after dinner. It was a perfect way to end our trip. 

Before dinner I tried to capture some pictures of our kiddos on the beach.  Between the water, shells, and waves it was hard to keep their attention focused on smiling for Mom's camera.  This picture totally sums up David's personality.  He literally keeps us on our toes:)
This picture was totally unposed and it is one of my favorites.  May they always have this sweet bond.
Our three blessings.
Our little girl who loves to smile for the camera these days.
Also on the last day of the trip we played putt-putt.  David and Hope did not keep score but Mike, Kyle and I played for keeps.  We are very competitive in this family and it was on!  I hit a few bad shots and called it a game on the 14th hole!  Mike was the overall winner of course. 
This girl also loves some good competition but her ball kept going in the water:)

This trip was such a blessing to us.  While we were unpacking at the hotel we found hospital paperwork showing me how to administer the GCFS shots to David.  Seeing those papers and remembering how scared I was to give shots to my baby brought back some yucky memories but I was also reminded of God's faithfulness.  He alone was the reason that I was able to steady my scared and shaky hands to give my baby a daily shot after his chemo. 

We are coming up on the anniversary date of David's last chemo-July 27th.  This is a big milestone to make it one year past last date of chemo, but as happy as this milestone is, we also know we have another scan in August and we will face many more in the future.  God has blessed us with mercy and peace and I know He will continue to bless us as we face the future. 

Tomorrow we will hopefully get to celebrate David's ninth birthday finally with friends at a Miami Heat pool party.  We have had to move it several times due to baseball and rain, so we are praying for a warm night perfect for swimming.   We love celebrating birthdays in this family!!

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