Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Kyle Update

I wish that I could tell you that Kyle is up and running around, but we are not to that point yet. This afternoon I got concerned about him because he was asking for his oral steroid and breathing treatment about a half hour or so before it was time for them. I asked him why he wanted them now and he admitted that he was having a hard time breathing. I called the doctor after lunch and he wanted to see him again. Mike came home and we all were off to the doctor again.

We went to the hospital for a chest x-ray which was pretty uneventful. The doctor wanted to see us again and sure enough he feels that he is moving a tiny bit more of air this afternoon than he was yesterday morning. That is good news, but he still can barely sit up without coughing and gagging. The last resort that the doctor offered to keep us out of the hospital was a steroid shot. I will not break your heart with the details, but it was ugly. It took Mike, two nurses and the doctor to hold him down. We are so hopeful that this steroid shot will be the thing that helps him turn the corner. Usually Kyle bounces back from an illness, but asthma stinks and it has really hit him hard.

The best news of the afternoon aside from Kyle moving a tad bit of air is that David is getting ready to leave with my friend for gymnastics!!! He is definitely better and frankly he has driven Kyle a little nutty today. He wants to "help" Kyle so much and Kyle frankly just wants to be left alone:)

I just had to share some pictures of our last two days together:)

Kyle was able to sit up yesterday afternoon and play some games on the computer.

This picture warms my heart. David does not care to receive breathing treatments, but he loves to give them! Kyle was so sick this morning that he could have cared less who gave it to him, he just wanted it. Have I said recently that asthma stinks??!

I have coped with this nightmare as any self-respecting Mom would do. I really would have loved to have raided the kids candy basket for some comfort sweets, but I have little Princess to think about (plus a doctors appointment next week with the inevitable weight check!!!!:) So, to help cope with the stress, I have sat beside Kyle with my trusty laptop and made myself feel better with some online retail therapy!

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