Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kyle Update

Asthma stinks-there I said it and now I feel better! It is torture watching your child struggle to breathe. Thankfully he is responding to the oral steroids some, but it will be a long recovery for him. He is struggling this morning, but hopefully all his medicines will kick in soon which will give him some relief. He looks so pitiful-gray and pale with dark circles under his eyes. He has not moved from our bed sine we got home Sunday afternoon. Mike and I try to sit with him because he often does not have enough breath to yell for us if he needs us. He really does not even have enough breath to tell us more than a few sentences.

We are so thankful for good doctors that have taken such good care of Kyle-his doctor called yesterday afternoon to check on him which was a good opportunity for me to ask for an antibiotic for Mike! Mike stayed home yesterday, except for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon when he went in to work. He came home feeling terrible with a bad sore throat:(

This has been such a test of faith as we sit by and trust that Kyle will turn the corner. I have personally never cared for a child this sick and it has been gut wrenching. I have never prayed so hard for my children than this past week. I have not been able to do much except sit with Kyle, distribute breathing treatments, give medicine, and cook a little dinner last night which has given me lots of prayer time.

Our wild man David is still home today. He had a rough afternoon, but I believe another day at home today will get him on the mend enough to go back tomorrow. He still has a bad cough, and actually slept most of the day yesterday.

Thanks so much for the emails, calls, and prayers for Kyle. I feel like we are in a time warp watching for signs of Kyle to get better. After all this is over, Kyle's doctor wants us to visit with the allergy/asthma specialist at UVA for another consult to discuss maintenance medication that will hopefully keep him from getting this sick again. Thanks again for all the calls and emails-it is so wonderful knowing that we have such good friends and family:)

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