Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Update

Never fear, Not Me Monday is coming later in the day:) I am writing this post with a clear head and no distractions-why you ask? My children are having a sleepover at my parents house!!! I cannot believe what wonders a good night sleep will do for you! The boys have a day off from school due to a teacher workday today, but I still have preschool so Kyle cooked up a plan to spend the night with my parents. Mike and I are really possessive of our boys and that is a super treat for both of them!

This weekend my parents and grandparents came to visit for a Valentine's Dinner. Mike's mom shared a lasagna recipe with me years ago that I have used a million times and it is always a hit! My mom was kind enough to wash and iron every piece of pink clothes that has come into this house over the past two weeks. She spent hours Saturday washing, ironing, and hanging clothes to get ready for little Princess!

David's room looks hilarious right now because the baby's bed is all made up and full of pink gowns and blankets while the rest of the room is Thomas the Tank Engine red and blue! It actually hurts your eyes to see all that newborn pink mixed with all that red and blue:)

I must run to preschool (I might even have time for a McDonald's tea this morning if I hurry). I will post my Not Me Monday later, but for now I am off to preschool world. I am trying hard not to be whiny-this baby I do believe is sitting on my spine and my allergies are in full gear-poor Mike:) Have a great Monday and don't forget to think up your own Not Me Mondays!!!

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