Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time Warp

Being home with your children for multiple snow days often feels like you are in a time warp! I love this precious time with my boys where our schedule is not rushed and we have lots of time to actually PLAY! There are always lots of high points and often a few low points. It snowed again last night, so we are home for the third straight day in a row and it does not look promising for tomorrow:) I just wanted to share some highlights of our winter break-we are referring to it that way since our spring break has been gobbled up with all these snow days!

This was perhaps the low point of the day. The kids were fighting over the tv (Johnny Test Vs. Calliou), I was nervous that Mike wasn't home yet because the roads were getting bad again, I was trying to cook dinner, devil eggs for Mike and this is the result. Lets just chalk this up to overactive hormones, worry for hubbie, and cabin fever! We will just refer to this as the "unfortunate deviled egg incident of 2009" and pray another egg does not get crumbled up again:)

David jamming and eating to a Dr. Jean CD!

Precious reading time for the boys in David's new big boy bed! I wish I could tell you that they both peacefully drifted off to sleep after the book was done. No one slept at all and believe me I tried everything! They were just so happy to be together that they just kept being silly!

The view from the golf course-we have never seen snow like this since we have moved here. We can barely see our neighbors house it has been snowing so hard. It kind of looks like Siberia:)

My little angels making angels-David insisted Kyle make just as many as he did!

David is obsessed with making snow angels and I LOVE this picture of his latest creation in the snow. It is beautiful:)

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