Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another snow day

I cannot believe I could not come up with another title for this post, except to announce that we are yet again having a snow day:) The kids are thrilled and I am always thrilled to be cooped up with my boys. We have been going through the boys baby clothes, weeding out what little Princess can use and what we will be passing on to the White family as they anticipate their little boy in April. It is such an emotional and fun thing to do as you reminisce about each little outfit. Kyle thinks it is fun to see how little he used to be:) Considering the fact he is outgrowing his size 8 jeans right now it is remarkable that he used to fit in 0-3 month clothes:)

It has been a crazy few days as we adjust to the idea of pink in our house:) I have had such wonderful advice already about raising little girls and the one that sticks with me the most is the idea that you need to put one of those headband bows in her hair right away so she will get used to having something on her head. Our dear friend, Caroline always has a hair bow in and I will have to ask Lynn if she did that:) I passed the hair bow advice on to Mike and I just got a puzzled look from him in response:)

Kyle is really into the idea of a big brother shirt for he and David, so I am browsing the internet (as well as Gymboree because they just put all their baby clothes on sale-what divine timing!!!) looking for a big brother shirt that would work for their ages and sizes.

Well, I am off to scout out more baby stuff and walk down memory lane again. I will probably not have many cute snow pics to blog later since this is one of those days that it will probably be too cold to get out today. The wind is blowing like crazy and it is still blowing snow around. The boys have not asked YET, but I know it is coming...

Happy snow day!:)

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