Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still Coughing

Asthma really, really stinks. This is Kyle's fourth day straight laying flat in the bed, but according to the wonderful Dr. C., he is moving a tad bit more air today. We saw him again this morning for the fourth straight day and he does feel that everything we are doing is helping, but it is truly the slowest most gut-wrenching recovery I have ever watched. He was able to wander into the kitchen today by himself and say goodbye to my Mom who came today to hang out with Kyle while I taught preschool.

Dr. C. does not feel that school is an option for the rest of the week, but considering the fact he can barely sit up in bed we were not holding our breaths. He has slept on and off today while my Mom was here. We are so grateful for all the love and prayers for Kyle-it has been a long week watching him struggle so. I have promised myself that I will NEVER again complain about attending one sporting event for Kyle in the future-I will just be so grateful to see him active and healthy again. Sometimes as the season lingers, I get tired of every practice and game, but I will NEVER AGAIN complain if he can become that healthy, precious boy that loves all sports (but football:) and wants to "do it all!"

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