Thursday, February 19, 2009

Biographies and Pretty Piggies

Sometimes in the drudgery of the week, you receive little gifts and blessings that help you get through the week:) This week, I decided to pamper myself a tad with a massage and pedicure! My piggies were desperate for some TLC, and as I posted earlier, this pregnancy has done my back in. I just had to show off my piggies to the blog world, because it will be at least another month before we can break out the flip flops here in VA!

I also had to show off some of my Mom's hard work on the pink precious things that have come into this house. This is the only touch of feminine sweetness that our house has for now, but little Princess' bed is all made up with tons of gowns and blankets waiting for her to wear:) Have you all seen a newborn diaper lately?? I have some now and it baffles my brain how tiny they are:)

This touches my heart so... Two days ago, I was cleaning out Kyle's backpack and in the bottom of his bag I found the sweetest little biography that he had done. He had drawn a picture of himself, etc.. but in the middle of this little book, he had filled out his family information. I know we are adding a little baby girl to the mix, but it blew my mind to see it in print! I will treasure forever this little biography done by Kyle as we anticipate his baby sister joining our family. I will also treasure his first grade inventive spelling and will relish this forever!

Let me help you translate his "likes." According to Kyle, he likes to play basketball, play video games, swim, math, and watch TV!!:) I just love it!

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