Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brother Time

This picture absolutely warms my heart:) This was our last opportunity to play in the snow before the sun came out today and melted it all. David has progressed from carefully riding his own sled down the hill to THIS!!! Look at the joy in their sweet faces:) David was totally at Kyle's mercy on this ride down the big hill and he was loving it. I have already printed this picture in many sizes and it is already sitting in various spots around my house. I am a huge picture junkie and love capturing my kids' personalities and joy in my pictures. We will treasure this one forever because it shows that my boys (despite the tv wars really love each other and have such a blast together. It brings me to tears often to see the patience and love that Kyle has for his brother. David screams "Yay-yo" at every basketball game that Kyle plays in and Kyle is not the least bit embarrassed and waves right back to him. (Yay-yo is what David calls Kyle right now-don't ask where it came from we truly have no idea)!!

Kyle is so proud of David's accomplishments and encourages him every single day. We have explained the word "disability" and "Down Syndrome" to Kyle and for now those words mean very little to him. That is his David and he loves him dearly!

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