Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday Party

Yesterday we headed to my grandparents' lake house to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday. The kids had a ball with their cousin Clayton. It is always hard work to get three children ready to head up there, but once we get there it is always a lot of fun. I loved going to the lake as a child (I still do) and it is so neat to see my kids enjoy being there as well. There has been some talk recently about my grandparents selling the house and coming into town, but I am in denial about it and will refuse to talk about it:)

Here is the birthday girl with Clayton and David.

The boys decided they wanted to tube, and the little boys needed an adult to tube with them since they have not done it yet. Kyle is an old pro and did not need any help but we did not feel comfortable with the little boys riding with just Kyle. My brother was the one who volunteered to get wet to help Clayton and David ride for the first time. So, uncle Chad got on the tube and then Kyle got on. But, guess what-after Chad got all wet and ready to ride, both little boys chickened out and refused to ride!!! So we gave Chad the uncle of the year award for riding with Kyle anyway. This picture tells the story-here is Chad expecting a laid back sans lifejacket ride and here is Kyle screaming to go FASTER!!

It is probably a good idea that David and Clayton will not be in the same school because I think these two could get into some trouble together. Here are the three boys waiting kind of patiently for Pops to put some more air in the tube before riding. All three boys were talking a big game about getting on the tube before the little guys chickened out! I was in charge of watching them while my Dad aired up the tube! I love that on both sides of our family the boys have cousins close to their age-it makes family time even more fun. By the way....yesterday Clayton told my Mom that he had a smokin' hot girlfriend. I inquired with Chad about her and he told me that she is a preacher's daughter:)

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