Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Back!

My oh my, life has certainly been interesting lately and frankly my hormones have been a tad aggressive lately and often have won the battle! I am ashamed to admit that I need a Not Me Monday for pure therapeutic reasons:) Feel free to laugh along with me and leave some of your Not Me moments!

1) I did not turn on the hairdryer when I was not drying my hair just so I could blog without a babe in arms. It seems my sweet daughter loves the hairdryer sound and drifts peacefully off to sleep when she hears that magical sound! Odd, but whatever works!

2) I was not too lazy to make grilled cheeses for my children and simply threw some hamburger buns in the toaster with some cheese on it to suffice as their favorite sandwich. When Kyle then complained, I did NOT start that whole "there are starving children in this world" speech! Nope-not me!

3 I have not told my children that it was time for them to go back to school. Nope, not me-I am a mother that never threatens daycare or summer school during bad behavior days. I pride myself on only using positive behavior interventions:)

4) I did NOT make David go to the bathroom at a party just to remove myself from talking with a Mom that is a tad bit of a know it all. Nothing like the "excuse me my child is about to wet his pants" to end a conversation quickly!!!

5) I did not have a moment of control issues when I realized that Mike was helping the boys pick out their outfits for the first few days of school. I would never be ungrateful for help with a household task just because I wanted to be in charge of what they wore for the first day! Just a note though, Mike totally picked out great outfits for the boys that they are happy with!

That is all I am willing to admit this week-what about you?! Just on a serious note, Kyle is really struggling with asthma issues and we have been dealing with this for well over a week and he is not better at all. He has had a virus that has triggered asthma again and he has spent the last few days laying around with a blanket over him. We are going to the pharmacy to pick up another prescription that I PRAY works. He is pretty miserable and we are worried about him. We would appreciate your prayers. Asthma stinks and it is pitiful to see your happy and active boy without energy to sit up to the table and eat his lunch.

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