Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mike!! Yesterday was my hubbie's birthday and he HATES when he is the center of attention and does not let us make a big deal over his birthday. So, I thought I would do a little happy birthday message over the blog since he still does not know how to edit this!!!

Mike Robinson is:

1) Fiercely loyal and works his elbows off for our family. His dedication to his work can be obnoxious at times, but I know it is for the benefit of our family.

2) A great father. Truly, he has the discipline/love thing down pretty good that works for our boys. He holds them accountable and then loves on them. I have joked and it is really true, that if I raised these children solo then they would probably be juvenile delinquents! Really, I am such a softie.

3) A hands on Dad. There is nothing that our children do that Mike does not either coach or is on the sidelines cheering them on. Considering his crazy schedule, he puts our children first and does not miss a thing.

4) A godly influence for our children. He preaches God truths to our children. I love to hear him whisper goodnight prayers with the boys. I have heard before the line that a man never stands so tall as when he is on his knees in prayer.

5) A servant at heart. It annoys me when he takes calls on the weekend or stops and answers a question of a parent in the community. Really, I just about lost my cool one night at a Tball game when this mom had him cornered for 20 minutes with a specific question when I was trying to get some pictures of he and the boys before a game. I expressed my frustration at this mom to him for taking his time when he was "off" and Mike was appalled that I was annoyed. He really sees his job as a public service and that he is here to serve.

We love you honey!! Happy Birthday from us--your biggest fan club:)

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  1. Tell Mike that the Campbells hope he has had a very happy birthday (and not to be too mad at you for that post)!