Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Fun

Now that the weather is finally cooperating, we are trying to squeeze in all the summer fun before school starts on the 19th. Friday I took the kids with Ashley's help to the local wave pool. It opened last year and we are just getting around to visiting this fun place. The boys had a ball and we were so proud of David's bravery with the waves! Here are some fun pictures of our day.

Hope was so sweet and snoozed in the shade all day.

Kyle was brave boy and rode the waves all day. He rarely came out except to eat and get more sunscreen!

David was way braver than I thought he would be and actually let the waves break on him! I love this picture of Ashley giving him a thumbs up after he got all wet! I also love the picture below of David riding the waves on the tube! It was a fun and sunny day.

Saturday we gave our skin a break from the sun (since we got a little toasty Friday) and headed to the local mall for some tax free shopping! We had a list to accomplish and we actually did it. Kyle has gotten to that size where he needs to try stuff on. Mike braved the dressing room with two boys and they actually came out with jeans that fit! Our first stop was Gymboree (with my coupon in hand) and we found some cute shirts and pants for the fall. We were gone all day long and the boys were actually pretty good. We rewarded them with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese after the shopping was over. We bought them a bucket of tokens each and let them blow off some steam!

This week we are going to try to squeeze in some last minute fun things before the start of school next week. Tomorrow is the big day where class list are posted! Kyle is so excited to see his teacher and see who else will be in his class. I love that he is excited:)

I just have to add that Hope was invited to her first birthday party next weekend! One of my girls from preschool is having her birthday party next week at a local salon. They are having makeovers for her birthday and she wanted Hope to come-is that not the sweetest thing!

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