Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Fun and Princesses

We have had a super busy week and weekend, and I just had to share some pictures that I have taken lately. I love this picture below-Mike usually grabs Hope when he walks in the door and here she is giving him one of her award-winning smiles. She is working him hard! I have noticed today while editing some of these pictures that Hope's hair looks a little red. I would be so thrilled if she had that beautiful auburn hair like David has!!

One of our joys of living here is this local state park 5 minutes from our house. The boys love to swim on the beach in the summer. Kyle has conquered the high dive this summer and I love to watch him jump! It is quite a ways out to the diving platform, but he is a confident swimmer these days.

David practicing his strokes!

I can never get enough pictures of Hope smiling her cute smile:)

Here are the princess party pictures! Lauren, one of my preschoolers had a princess birthday party at a local salon. Hope was invited as an honorary princess! In this picture above, here is princess Lauren, her mom Crystal and Hope! It was an adorable party. The girls got to dress up in princess dresses complete with heels, and then they got their hair, nails and makeup done! It was adorable and it was also fun to catch up with all the five girls that were in my preschool class. This group will always hold a special place in my heart and I will miss teaching so much this year, but I am blessed that I will still get to keep in touch with all the families.
In this picture above I think Hope is crying because she realized that her nails were not painted like all the princesses:)

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