Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hope Modeling the Bling

You might remember about two weeks ago in a moment of insanity, I ordered several hairbows for Hope from (If you have not checked out this website you must!) Anyway, I had a little shoppers remorse when I saw my receipt via email and I realized that one of the hairbows was called Baby Glitz and Bling. Those that know me well, know that I am not a bling or glitz kind of gal. The package arrived in the mail this week and I just had to post some pics of my sweet girl modeling her new bling! I have no idea where she will wear the bling one-it seems too flashy for church and too dressy for everyday wear? Anyway, maybe she can wear it to playgroup this fall?? HA!

I think she wears the bling well, even if her mother had a moment of insanity when she ordered this! Maybe I need an online shopping intervention!! HA!

This hairbow is sweet with her little monogrammed initial on it. It is so heavy though she might need to see a chiropractor for an adjustment after wearing it! Most mothers use the tried and true method of tummy time to strengthen their baby's head and neck-nope not me-I just buy big and heavy hairbows!

This is her normal everyday white hairbow. It is light and easy to wear. This purchase proves that there was some thought process that went into this purchase!! Don't you think she is looking just like Kyle with the blond hair and blue eyes?

This is just another day in the life with David. He is into wearing dress up clothes these days and giving you the thumbs up while saying "dude". I have no idea where he gets these things...

I also have to add that my Kyle has totally entertained himself this afternoon with the DVR. I had several VT football games recorded from last season and Kyle has enjoyed watching those to get pumped up for this season!!

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  1. She looks cute in all of her bows. I agree some are over the top but I love the white one best. She is changing daily. What a sweet girl. Cathy