Monday, August 3, 2009

What We Have Been Up To

We have had a few busy days around here, so I thought I would tell you with pictures what we have been up to:)
No post is complete without some pictures of Hope growing like a sweet little weed. I love her Pooh outfit and she is starting to smile and coo at us. We just love her to pieces!
This is a picture of all three kids in a hotel room. This past weekend, Stacey and Cathy Timmons came to visit us from Orange. We took them and our children to Pigeon Forge for some shopping and Dollywood fun. I do not know why this picture is blurry, but this is Hope's first hotel stay. We let the boys sleep together and Mike and I shared our bed with Hope.
I try every couple of days to get a good picture of the three kids, and this was my latest attempt. David is our picture wild card. He often says cheese as he is looking anywhere but the camera:)
Tonight `was our last Tball game of the season and I was a little sad. We have loved every moment of watching the Robinson brothers play on the same team with Daddy as the coach. I took some pictures before we left for the game, and this was a fun spontaneous picture. They would have never done that if I would have asked them to! My sweet boys are so close and Kyle has really loved cheering on David this season:)
My sweet Kyle.
Run David run! He did very well hitting and running to first base. Sometimes he would get tripped up going from second to third base. We were so proud of him. It was hard not to tear up at the games watching his brother and teammates cheer him on. Often I would be watching my boys play ball, holding sweet Hope in my arms and watching my Mike work with those kids on the field and I would be so thankful for the small but sweet moments in life. I
First basemen Kyle.
Our team actually won the league championship and tonight after the game we had the party and the trophy presentation. David was so excited to get his FIRST trophy!!
One game during the season the first game ran over and our team had to sit on this hill and watch the game. I looked up and saw my boys sitting just like this and I just melted. I recreated this picture tonight so I will never forget this season where both boys played for the White Sox. Next year Kyle moves up to pitching machine for this league and David will remain in the Tball ranks. This has truly been a special memory for us all. David did so well playing and it touched us how supportive everyone was of David playing. He held his own and got on base most times and even scored a few runs for the team. This Mom's heart could burst with pride for my sweet boys:)

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  1. You life is sounding like the Robinson's life in Shreveport. Crazy but fun and blessed! Your three are growing up fast. . . even Hope is growing up already. Her looks are changing. She is beautiful as always. I am going to pick up her present today. It is finally finished - sorry for the looonnnng delay! Got your message yesterday. I will try to call today when the boys are settled and I can talk. Love the blog - who would have thought a blog could be such a blessing.