Sunday, August 30, 2009


"I want to get away" is what my heart and head were telling me by the end of the week last week. Sometimes you just feel like getting away and having fun family time. Mike had a very stressful week at work so we got up Saturday morning with no plans in our head, but we wanted to get away! We loaded up and as we were leaving our neighborhood, Mike asked Kyle to pick a state that borders ours, and Kyle picked Tennessee. So off we went and we ended up in Knoxville at the zoo!

We had a great time despite the high humidity and Hope's constipation. It appears that the 24 hours of formula she had to have this week due to my tooth incident really hurt her belly. She was a trooper and the boys had fun at the zoo.

Here are some pictures of our latest adventure. We stayed over in Knoxville and did some more exploring today on our way home. Sometimes spontaneous fun is the best:)

Hope and I took a nursing break in the air condition:)

David and Daddy looking at the giraffes.

David does a great imitation of a penguin and at the zoo there was a whole exhibit of them. Here is David learning some more penguin moves:)

The boys have a book called Big Smelly Bear and they decided that this bear looked exactly like the bear in the book.

Kyle and Hope:)

David listening to Kyle's Ipod on the way to the zoo. He has his own, but we have not finished loading songs on it.

This picture of David cracks me up! My mom bought him a new outfit and he tried it on. He knew he looked good and he modeled for us:) It was adorable and then we could not get him to take it off!!

This is a sweet picture I took of Hope outside.

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