Thursday, December 2, 2010


Parenthood is definitely not for the faint-hearted. We have been going through a high discipline time with our Kyle lately. He will be nine in just a few days, and we are dealing with some serious whining and arguing from him. He is a wonderful kid and I know that this phase will pass, but I do not like seeing one of my babes always in trouble. Bless his heart-his Wii has been in time-out a lot lately.

I am so thankful for Mike who sticks to the discipline guns when this tender-hearted Momma would totally cave. Mike walks that great balance of being tough on our kids but showering them with love, attention, and time.

I know this phase will pass and there will certainly be more, but whew, we are tired. Mike and I take that commandment in the bible about training up your children very seriously. I pray it pays off down the road but it is certainly laborious at the time.

Speaking of showering your children with attention, Hope and I have had a blast having school at home lately. She has that personality where she is quiet and takes it all in, and then surprises you and recalls it later. She can sing Happy Birthday song, Twinkle twinkle, ABC's, and several others. She is super quiet out in public and is glued to my side. At home, she is completely different and wild. I miss teaching preschool so much so poor Hope is my only student at our school at home.

We go to the library on Tuesday for storytime and then we check out a bag full of books to use at home during the week. She is definitely my most timid babe but hopefully she will grow out of that later. Her brother, David certainly does not have a shy bone in his body.

Speaking of David, he is going to be the angel in the church Christmas pageant this Sunday night. When I saw him try on his costume Wednesday I was in tears. We are so proud of our "angel with a crooked halo" and know that he will do great Sunday!

Here is my Aquadoodle loving girl in her cute Elmo and Zoe bibs!
Working her little Elmo puzzle.

This girl can sort objects by color like it is her full time job.

I do not think I will get these Elmo and Zoe bibs off of her tonight. She is so proud of them!

Mom, I got this sorting under control:)

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