Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to Reality

We seriously had a great time this weekend in Lynchburg. Our weekend started with our girls trip to sees Princesses on Ice Friday and the fun did not stop until this morning.

Mike and I dropped off our youngest babes in Radford Saturday morning to head to Lynchburg with Kyle. My Mom was sick earlier in the week and we really did not plan to leave Hope with her until we got there. When David got out of the car and she did not she started shrieking for David so she too got unloaded in Radford.

They had a marvelous time just hanging out at my parents house. Late Saturday night Dave and my Dad put on their Hokie finest and headed to Blacksburg to watch the unranked Hokies upset #1 Duke!!! I am sooooo thrilled that David got to be there and he had a ball.

Meanwhile we were in Lynchburg cheering on our favorite swimmer. This meet is a regional A/BB meet which means that you had to have qualifying times to get there. Kyle qualified in four events which is super exciting as a nine year old. Mike and I enjoyed a weekend full of good food and good rest-and I know Kyle enjoyed our undivided attention.

It hit me several times during the weekend that I am so thankful that I do not have an only child. This weekend it was sooooo easy to let Kyle dictate every move we made because Mike and I are pretty laid-back when it comes to food choices and such. Kyle was thrilled to get to determine eating places and he even got a new pair of running shoes to start dryland training this week.

I found him asking for several things this weekend that I easily answered with "sure" because what is a pack of gum or an ice cream cone when you only have to buy one. This weekend gave me a glimpse as to the kind of mother I would be if I only had one babe to spoil. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to mother three because I tend to be indulgent with my children. I admire parents of only children that are doing it well, because this momma tends to say "yes" and "sure" too much and I would have had an entitled brat on my hands.

So today we are back to reality. My energy level from my bout of bronchitis is slowly returning so I am starting the spring cleaning process around here. I am tackling a room or area a day and today it was the laundry room. I am trying to get the house in order so when the weather is warm we can work on the outside. We are not OCD about our house, but it definitely needs a little attention. Spring is on the horizon and this household is definitely ready for days of outdoor play and sunshine!

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