Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Dave the Teenager

Friday night we went to the local high school girls and boys basketball games. We were playing a nearby town rival and it was sure to be a great game. David had the time of his life! Two of the varsity boys basketball players came and got him and took him to the student section to sit with them during the girls game. (I stole these pictures off of Facebook from Marshall's mom, Ellen's page so that is perhaps why they are so small)?

Here are the boys bringing David back across the court to come back with us so they can go get dressed for the game.
Just like at every high school, there is a student section where all the students sit. Friday night Dave was smack in the middle of the fun student section. It looks in this picture that he is trying to start the wave?!!
The fun continues when Doug and Dave decide to trade glasses for a funny picture.
You have to look super close, but Dave is right in the middle of a great group of teenagers from our high school. When I worry about David socially I need to remember this picture. For some reason, people are drawn to David and he typically is in the middle of the fun.
Showing off some pre-game muscles!!!
It thrills my heart that we live in a small town and David is well known. We are out and about so much at sporting events and David just knows everyone. I am so appreciative of situations like this where David gets to be the center of attention-Kyle sat with me:) Pictures like this remind me that a diagnosis of a disability is not the end of the world-quite the opposite. Thank you to two terrific guys that made one little dude super happy! David even got to go out on the court at half time and help run the half-court shot fundraiser!

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