Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Heart

My heart can barely handle these pictures of the boys playing basketball together on the same rec team. For one thing, it makes me giggle that I have the tallest and tiniest kid on the team. Also, it thrills my soul that David has the opportunity to be on the same team as his brother and friends.

Kay Clawson is a friend of mine who takes wonderful pictures. She is launching a sports photography business and I am so excited for her. For a reasonable price, she will come to your child's event and take pictures for you and then hand them over to you on a cd. These pictures are precious and priceless to me because the reality of the situation is that my boys will have very few opportunities to wear the same uniform and play together. As the boys get older, the game gets rougher and it is not fair to put Dave in a situation where he will get hurt.

I am going to frame these two all over my house. I know these boys fuss and fight, but you can see the love between them in these pictures. In the picture above, Dave's expression kills me!
I get so emotional watching Kyle encourage and cheer on David. I also love to watch the thumbs up that Dave gives Kyle.

Dave's jump shot! He has not made a basket yet, but he is oh so close and when it actually happens, I will probably scream and scare him to death!

Kyle's jump shot! Kyle ADORES baseketball.

Coach Daddy and Dave on the bench talking strategy! HA! I also have to admit that Dave's Under Armor muscle shirt makes me smile. His skinny little arms are too much for me!

Kyle's first three pointer that went in!! I can't believe Kay got a picture of it!

Kyle gets fouled a lot, so he spends lot of time on the foul line.

Mike is the assistant coach and "Bull" is the head coach. Both of my boys adore him and as you can see he and Dave have a special little friendship.

This picture is the one that makes me want to sob in a good way. This time last year he could not even dribble, much less dribble and walk. This picture is such a reminder to me to NEVER under estimate this kid. I had major reservations about him playing in this league because it is so rough, but he is holding his own. I am so proud.

Slam dunk thanks to coach "Bull"

This picture makes me laugh so hard. David got pushed down during the game and the whole place gasped. Kyle had been pushed down several times and we told him to get up and keep playing, but with Dave we all jumped and he even got an ice pack!! I love this picture.
David is certainly not going to be headed to the NBA anytime soon, but I am so thrilled when he get an opportunity to do sports with Kyle. I know that these moments will be rare in the years to come, so I am so thankful that I have these awesome pictures of a season in our life when my boys suited up in the same uniform and enjoyed some brotherly love in the huddle.

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