Thursday, February 17, 2011


This week we have been in a huge battle around our household-Robinson's versus Germs. Unfortunately the germs are winning out, but thanks to a great doctor, antibiotics, rest, Gatorade, shots, and grandmas we are surviving!

Last weekend Hope came down with the stomach flu. She threw up most of Saturday and then yucky diapers have followed ALL WEEK. Seriously, I have never ever seen a stomach bug linger for this long. Poor baby girl.

Then Wednesday morning I woke up with my chest burning with lots of coughing. I took all three kiddos with me to the doctor where I was diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia and had to take TWO shots. That was wonderful to have my three babes witness my reaction to two painful shots:) Then the wonderful nurses gave my boys the flu shot because the flu is RAMPANT around this area. I was so sick that I could not comfort my babes during their shots-I hear they took them like little men:)

The good news is that my mom came down Wednesday and took over so I could go to bed. Thanks to the shots, I am much better today-just tired.

Poor David, woke up this morning with a fever and coughing, so off to the doctor we went again. David too has bronchitis and we are treating him at home with breathing treatments, antibiotics, and steroids. So far Mike and Kyle are staying healthy.

This is one of those weeks that is just hard and long, but I know we will get better. Weeks like this make me appreciate my overall healthy children and thankful for great, compassionate doctors.

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