Friday, February 25, 2011

Princess Mania and our Genius!!

Today Hope and I had the BEST girls day out ever. We scored some tickets to Disney Princess on Ice and went with some of our friends.

Here are Princess Sydney, Hope, and Macy and despite a stop for a little throw up, we had a wonderful day out! I have to admit that I did not give much thought to where we were going-it sounded fun and I love a day out with friends. When the show started I quickly realized that this was a top rate performance with all the elaborate details that comes with Disney.
This is the finale where all the princesses come back out with their princes decked out in sparkly white ball gowns. I just have to admit that it moved us all to tears. I have no idea why it had this effect on us, but it was magical. I got this huge lump in my throat when Cinderella rolled out in that beautiful, sparkly carriage all dressed for the ball. There is just something to that story that touches any heart and makes you believe that dreams do come true.
I have been so far out of the princess circuit due to the fact that I have mothered boys for the last nine years. But today sitting with my little girl on my lap I was overcome with emotion. There is something so precious about sharing something with your daughter that you enjoyed as a child.

My daughter loved every minute of that two hour program. She was mesmerized from the beginning. What really got her attention was Mickey and Minnie. Hope has recently fallen in love with Minnie and was ecstatic to see her today "live."

Even Mickey and Minnie came out in sparkly clothes for the finale. My pictures are not that great because my camera stinks and the lighting in there was poor. It was truly a wonderful, magical show and I am so thankful for times with just my favorite girl and friends.

My girl is growing up so fast. She did not want to hold my hand coming out, she wanted to walk with Macy.

Even princesses need their beauty sleep:)
When we picked up David, I saw THIS in his backpack!!!! My Dave rocked his spelling test and even got one of the bonus words. We were so proud of him and it was icing on the cake of a perfect day:) Way to go David!!!!!!!

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