Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Post

This week I have been consumed with cleaning the germs out of this house. We are all finally on the mend around here. The bronchitis that David and I both had was a nasty, nasty bug. We still do not have our energy back yet, and poor David fell asleep yesterday during guidance. His teacher said he fell sound asleep during the lesson-poor baby.

Hope and I have been soooo excited about the idea of getting outside to play again soon that we....

painted our toes!! She loves her painted toe nails and will rip off her socks and shoes to show you her "pitty toes!" She is so verbal, active, fun, but strong willed these days. I so enjoy our days together. I know this stage of our life will not last forever.
Her sweet little feet:)

This week our calendar is packed extra full as we try to fit the last of the rec league basketball games in for both boys and Kyle is working extra hard in swimming right now. This upcoming weekend, he has qualified to go to the A/BB meet in Lynchburg!! This is a first for him and he is sooooo excited. He will swim the four events that he has qualified for.

On a a super exciting note, David got to do a public service announcement this morning for our local radio station. Next week on March 2nd is the national day to end the use of the "r" word. We are trying to get the word out that using the word "retarded" is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form. It is hurtful to people with intellectual disabilities. This morning the local radio dude came to David's school and he taped a PSA about this issue. I listened as he did it and I CANNOT wait to hear the final outcome after editing.

I have to admit that I was seriously worried about him doing it. David's speech is certainly not his strength, but we practiced with him and made him say each word separately to be clearer and I think it is going to be precious. To say he enjoyed the taping is an understatement. He broke out into Big Green Tractor and he even gave a shout out to a friend. This kid is such a ham:)

The radio dude promised to email it to my when it is done so I can share it on this blog. I love times like this where we are busy doing things our kids love doing, but I am ready for life to slow down just a bit:)

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