Sunday, February 6, 2011


I am so tired. My legs are throbbing and I am already envisioning the amazing Monday afternoon nap I will take tomorrow. We worked our tails off this weekend hosting an AAU tournament to raise money for our team.

David got to eat some hotdogs and other junk food and we raised almost $3000 for our team. It was hard work and long hours, but it was so worth it to bulk up our AAU bank account for new uniforms and entry fees. We also had fun hanging out at the gym for almost 20 hours with some of our dear friends. It was one of those weekends where you wipe your brow and know that it was all worth it.
My hubbie coached hard and he worked his buns off for this tournament. I do not want to know how many trips I made between the three gyms taking food, money, tickets, signs, etc.

This man is not afraid to work hard and from cleaning bathrooms to sweeping gyms floors he is not afraid to get dirty.

Pops, GG, and Mimi came on Saturday to pitch in. Pops volunteered and kept the clock for about 6 games. He was so helpful and we appreciated his help. GG andMimi babysat Hope and David and got to come watch the last game. I love this picture of Pops and Dave.

One of our friends, actually DAvid's PE teacher, is an amazing photographer and came and took some pictures for us. She is launching a sports photography business and I am so thankful that she used our kids as guinea pigs! Local folks, call on Kay Clawson to take your kids pictures at sporting events. You can sit back and cheer on your kids (or yell at the referees) knowing that she is capturing all the moments that you do not want to miss in real time. She is reasonable and for a flat rate she will come to your child's event and take pictures and provide you with a CD of her work. She is a gem.

I love pictures of my boys in action!

Here is Pops and Kyle sitting at the officiating table. Pops volunteered to keep the clock for us for many games and he was such a blessing. Kyle was so proud that his Pops was the clock keeper!! When Kyle wasn't playing, he was sitting very close to Pops:)

After we closed up the tournament and counted all the money, we headed to our friends, The Jonas' house for a Super Bowl party! We had such fun relaxing and eating some yummy food:)
Tonya and Caleb in opposing team helmets:) At the party mostly everyone was cheering for the Steelers except Tonya:)

I realized that my boy is growing up when he and his buddies Caleb and Tanner were glued to the TV the whole game. In the past he has watched bits and pieces of it, but tonight he was glued from the start.

When we came home from the party Miss Hope was not tired due to a late nap, so we put all three boys to bed from our big weekend and we went downstairs and cuddled and watched the rest of the game.
I do not want to work a tournament more than once a year, but I can honestly say that I had a blast. It was fun cheering on our team and it was even more fun to hang out for an entire weekend with families from our team. You never waste a moment of your life when you are investing in your children! I enjoyed Pops chauffering me between schools as we delivered hot dogs, waters, and Gatorade between the three concession stands.
My weekend is catching up to me and Miss Hope and I are off to bed:)

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