Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Day 2011

Valentine's Day is always full of fun around here. Both boys had to prepare Valentines to give out at school and I had to make the cookies for each class party.

Here is sweet Dave working super hard on his valentines. He wanted to give each kid a goody bag of stuff and then we made him write his own name on the card.

I adore this picture. We also made brownies for the class and I gave Hope and David each a beater to lick. I love that David got a towel on his own to wipe Hope's mouth.

Silly silly boy. I know my children love to lick the beaters, but I always worry about them eating the dough.

Clearly Hope did need her face wiped:)

Mixing it all up with AShley's help.

This morning before school I made my Valentine's pause for a picture. David for once was all agreeable about a photo op and wanted a picture with each of his siblings:)

My big, sweet boys. These two may fight and fuss, but they really do love each other.

My three sweet Valentines!! Hope is looking so much older to me these days-I guess it is the longer hair!

Tomorrow Miss Hope will be 20 months. Where in the world has the time gone? This is what my babes looked like last year on Valentine's Day! What a difference one year makes in the life of a baby/toddler and Kyle's face looks so much more mature this year. David is now in bifocals which have changed his look too.

Enjoy the Valentines in your house and Happy Heart Day!

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  1. Love the pictures! Wow!!! What a difference a year does make. You did great getting all of yours in red. Andrew was not having anything to do with it. Christopher had a little red on. But Kevin was all about having red on. I also love David in glasses!