Thursday, June 23, 2011

All Stars 2011

This week our life has been consumed with Kyle's All Star play. We got to host the district tournament here which was super fun to play locally. We were blessed with lots of fans and friends.

Kay Clawson took some amazing pictures of our All Star kids. For a reasonable fee she came to several games and got pictures of our kids in action! It was nice to just get to sit back and enjoy the game.

Our team is pretty good and we had two great wins on Monday and Tuesday against two tough teams. Kyle has played first, second, and outfield and tonight he hopes to get to pitch. Here he is on first!

The game on Wednesday night was not to pretty but we pulled out a win despite the rain, rain delay, lots of errors, and Kyle did not bat well at all.

This is truly an amazing shot Kay got because clearly Kyle is stretching up high to catch that ball on first base. He got this out!!!

My super competitive child takes this all so seriously and really gets down on himself when he makes mistakes.

In game #2 he made some great plays in the field playing second and here is a fly ball he caught.

Out number 3 in that same inning! Way to go Kyle!

Team picture-Kyle is the youngest on this team and the only rising fourth grader. This group of boys is really a sweet bunch and they are so much fun to watch. You get to know kids and families well when you hang out together at the field. I love the family atmosphere of sports.

Here is Kyle's individual picture-it takes my breath away how old he looks.

Okay, here is where my pictures now start!!!

This little one has had fun at the field all week too! Most nights she has worn her "ballfield" dress made by Mary Jane! The girl can yell "whoo hoo" just like her momma!

Love these two in their red!!!

Love this group of boys!!!

Pops came down and cheered on David in his Tball game and Kyle in his All Star game. Poor Pops saw the not so great all star game:)

David and Hope had grabbed somebody's blackberries and were taking pictures! Thankfully there are lots and lots of kiddos for them to play with. We were so blessed that Ashley helped us by taking David home and letting him go to bed.

I love being a sports Mom and despite the craziness while you are in season, I know we are making wonderful memories as a family.

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