Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Heart Mike

This weekend we have celebrated Father's Day just hanging out at home. That is what Mike loves to do after a crazy, busy week. So except for a few hours at the Little League field and church we have stayed at home.

Saturday night we grilled out just the five of us and got to eat outside. The weather this week has been super rainy and chilly so Saturday evening we snuggled up on the deck with beach towels and just chatted. It was really cool to just sit outside in the dark just talking. One of the positive things about having your kiddos grow up is that right before our eyes they are morphing into great conversationalist.

For a festive touch for the summer, we have hung some lights around our gazebo to light up our evenings on the deck. I love the view of the golf course from our deck and my hanging baskets are actually thriving for once.

We got Mike a few gifts for his big day and Kyle picked out a new Red Sox shirt for him. Mike has passed on his love of the Red Sox to the boys and now they all have Red Sox shirts!!

I love this picture of Mike and the kiddos. He really is a great hands-on father considering how crazy and time-consuming his job is. He coaches as much as his schedule allows and he is not afraid to play babies with his little girl. This weekend he even painted her toenails! He is truly a family man and we appreciate all his hard work to provide for our family.

Today we worked on breaking down Hope's crib to make it into a full size bed. I always thought that would be such an emotional thing when you finally get rid of the crib in the house. For goodness sakes, we have had a crib standing in our house for almost ten years! I really thought it would be this major moment as we say goodbye to a stage in our life. Yeah, not so! I never shed one tear and I am actually so excited to decorate her new big girl room. When we are finished I will post pictures!!

This week will be another busy one in our household. Kyle plays in an All Star tournament here locally and he is also participating in an enrichment camp at school this week. David is still doing summer school so for this week there will be no lazy mornings at our house. We will be out of the door before 8:00 each day. It is okay with me because I have so much to do this week. We are in cleaning mode here at home and we are getting ready for a birthday party this weekend.

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