Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Girl

How in the world is it possible that this angel baby is two??? I cannot imagine our world without her and we love her so.
It just seems like ten minutes ago this is what she looked like. My labor with her was super long and I just laid awake all night in the hospital watching her little monitor. We were so tired from a baseball tournament but I was so excited to finally meet our little girl. After seven years of only blue, trucks, balls, and trains, I just could not imagine how pink would look in our home!

But these two fell in love with her immediately and we all just laugh and laugh at her each day. Kyle is the protector and worrier while David is her constant playmate.

She is still a Momma's girl, but she and her Daddy are pretty tight too. She is the lover of all princess stuff but loves to drag out the T-ball stuff in the yard. (Look how much Kyle has matured in the last two years-gasp!)

We cannot imagine our life without princess books, play makeup, and baby dolls now.

This is a TERRIBLE picture of me moments after giving birth to her but for some weird reason I love it. I love that we are literally face to face and I just remember crying after such a long ridiculous labor with her that she was finally here and that she was perfect. I could still cry now thinking about what a perfect moment that was. Right after this moment our beloved pediatrician took Hope outside to meet my Mom and Kyle who were anxiously awaiting news about her. I remember being annoyed that the nurses were working with me and I could not witness that moment.

So here is our birthday girl two years later and we are so thankful for all the joy she bring to our family.

She is so verbal and literally talks all day long. She is funny and oh so silly! She is still super shy but she is coming out of that a little bit. She loves to wear dresses ("fresses") and she loves her books and the pool.

Just in the last month she has had a huge growth spurt and she has become even more independent than usual. She wants to buckle her own seat belt, drink out of a regular cup, and do everything herself. My birthday girl is growing up so fast!

So on her birthday today I thank God for the gift he graciously gave us two years ago. She is our angel baby and we cannot imagine our life without her!

Happy Birthday-may God bless you sweet girl!

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