Thursday, June 16, 2011

Her Big Day

The birthday girl certainly had a big day! With cute crocs like these, how could she not?

Upon her request we spent the day at the pool and then we went to her favorite local restuarant "The Diner" for her meal! She was so excited to go but.....

she fell asleep on the way there and slept through half of dinner. Even sweet big brother kisses could not wake her up.

Daddy even tried to prop her up to wake her up when her mashed potatoes came to the table-still no luck:)

This place has wonderful home cooking and all Hope wanted for her birthday was a bowl of "tatoes" She finally did wake up and eat the whole bowl of yummies!

Here is the smiling birthday girl with both of her big brothers.

After eating out we headed back home for cookie cake and PRESENTS from family. Next week is her joint birthday party with David. David was super excited to help her open her presents:)

Her package of princesses!!!! She has admired this at Target for months now and she finally got it!!!!

She also got this huge doll house! My mom and Kyle were so cute putting it all together. It is a huge hit-especially the car that goes with it. In a few weeks when we put her big girl room together we will put it upstairs, but for now it is all over our living room!

David and Hope posing in front of the house!

Oh my goodness!! Birthdays are so cool! This little one had such a fun day being the birthday star. She can adamantly tell you that she is two and David is going to be seven. She can also belt out the happy birthday song to herself:)

We had such a fun day celebrating our big girl turning two. Time please slow down-I adore this stage so much and I want to savor every moment.

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