Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VBS 2011

Tonight started our Vacation Bible School at church. The theme for the week is Hometown Nazareth-Where Jesus was a kid. The church parking lot is right next to the farmers market so we got permission from the town to use the market tonight to make it look like an authenic market square from Jesus' time.

Here is a glimpse of the market. At the market the kids could do crafts, have a snack, meet some animals, and make some really cool things.

Here is Suzanne as Mary, Jesus' mother! Kids visited her home where she taught them about raising Jesus. I love this theme so much!

Hope was in the preschool class!!! Here she is getting her headband for her tribe! I love that she went along with all the other preschoolers-too cute!!

David was in the green tribe and he had such fun!

Here is Kyle bottle feeding the baby calf. I was mesmerized by this little one month old calf and I had a blast feeding it! :) He was a popular stop for many kids!

Here is Kyle with the Preston clan-we took those four children with us tonight and Kyle really had fun! He is getting to the age where bible school is not as cool as it was just a few years ago. What shocked me to realize tonight is that in TWO short years he will be in the youth program at church instead of children's ministry. GASP!

I thought the food was so creative! The food was in the market and there was lamb, crackers, cheese, raisins, grapes, and bread.

Doing crafts in the market place!

There were a TON of preschoolers (which is so awesome) and here is Hope's class going to the playground. Ms. Brandi had her all night and she did so great going with the big preschoolers. She is growing up so fast.....

Hope was OBSESSED with the cow and the bottle. She kept getting the bottle for me to feed it! That is one well-fed cow tonight heading back to the barn. What an awesome bible school this week-I cannot wait to go back tomorrow night for more Hometown Nazareth fun.

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