Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three Little Pigs and a Party

We have had such a full, fun weekend. Saturday morning while Mike was at graduation and Kyle was at baseball practice, Ashley and I headed to the Barter Theatre with these cuties to watch the play The Three Little Pigs. It was so much fun to have a morning at the theatre and a pizza lunch afterwards.

Kelsey, Hope, and David before the show started.

Hope insisted on her own seat and program and here they are waiting for the show!

Posing after the show with "Maxie" the wolf. It was really a tame, family-friendly version of the story. David loved it!

Saturday night we attended a super fun pool party with some of our dearest friends at the country club pool. The weather was iffy until the party started and then the sun came out and we got to go ahead with the party.

Ashley might kill me for putting this on here, but frankly it is so priceless that I had to. I love this picture of her going off of the board!! Every adult swam with the kids and it was a fun, family night at the pool. Even Mike went off of the board a few times. After the stress and intensity of the last few weeks of school, it was fun to catch up and relax at the pool.

David with Myrtle the Turtle going off of the board. He is so brave that it scares me, but he had such fun with his friends and Ashley and Jason showed up to surprise him!! He is a blessed little boy.

This kid went off of the board 6 million times doing tricks like this!

Miss Hope thought about going off of the diving board. She actually jumped off of the side beside it instead. I bet by the end of the summer she will get brave enough to try it.

The pool has a neat deck above where we sat up the food and drinks.

It baffles my mind how big girl my Hope is these days. Rarely does she cling to me anymore. She now acts like a big kid and here she is posing with Kelsey. I know I have said it before, but that puddle jumper was truly the best money we have spent in a while!

One of the highlights of the night was a rowdy game of chicken! Here is cute father/son game going! I hate to brag, but Mike and Kyle were the undefeated duo of the night. Mike did complain about being sore this morning from this-ha!

My almost two year old cutie swam her heart out until the very last moment of the party. This little one loves to swim and that makes me so happy. The kids thought it was so cool when the lights came on in the pool:)

Kyle had a friend spend the night and here was the sight at my breakfast table this morning before church. I love summer because there is actually time for more playdates and sleepovers! I also loved hearing Kyle tell his friend Caleb that he was going to love Sunday school!!

While I was cleaning up the house a bit today, this one was playing so quietly in my room and when I saw her I realized why. She had helped herself to some of my mascara-I am actually impressed that she knew where to put it:) I will have to relocate my makeup bag now for sure!

This is a big week around our house. Our princess-lover is turning two on Wednesday (gasp!) I cannot believe her birthday is rolling around again. We will celebrate as a family on Wednesday and then later in the month she will have a joint birthday pool party with David. She is super excited about her party and talks about what friends she wants to come swim with her. I love hearing her talk about Macy Jo and "Sawah and Libia" (Sarah and Olivia) and hearing her sing Happy Birthday to herself. So cute:)

This week we also have David's ENT appointment on Wednesday. Iam curious as to what he will say about sweet Dave's ruptured ear drums. This week is also food pantry week at church which means that we will be working hard at church to sort, pack, and distribute food to our neighbors in need. It is hard work, but I LOVE This ministry at church.

I am off to reclaim my house after the craziness of the last week and weekend! Happy week everyone!

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